Sunday, June 1, 2014

Her perspective

Presley is smart. She reads ahead of what's expected in kindergarten. She is good at math. She loves to learn!

Presley is fun. She loves her friends and her friends love her. She loves adventure! She likes to go fast in her chair and have her body shoot forward only to be abruptly pulled back again with the seat belt. (I am not a fan of such actions however haha) She likes to drive around in the van in the rain and look for puddles to splash. She teases. She jokes. She giggles and is mischievous!

She is beautiful! She is pretty to look at but it is more than on the outside. Her little light shines through and makes her illuminate happiness and beauty! She loves to choose her clothes, how her hair is styled and isn't happy unless it's her choice. :) Girl's got style for sure! 

Presley knows she does things differently, but she also knows she is the same. A few weeks ago after school she said, 

"Mom, my hand got tired today at school with my hand brace and I couldn't lift it anymore to write my friends hands never get tired......but mine do.......(***and then she burst into a song from Daniel Tigers Neighborhood***) ..Sometimes we are different but in so many ways, we are the same!!" 

That's my girl :) 

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