Friday, June 6, 2014

Days 1-8!!!! (Out of 81 FUN DAYS OF SUMMER!!)

So far the first week of summer VACAY has been fabulous!!! 

Day 1 was Ammons birthday and we went to the Dino Museum and had a party!!! At the Dino Museum they even scored big points with me and Pres when we discovered the wheelchair accessible Dino Dig!!!!! Yahoooo!

Day 2
We went to mommy's favorite place (Midway!) and went to Gramma Varneys party at the Chalet!!! It was so much fun!!! Ps Charlotte is the funniest and spunkiest poser!!! 
Day 3 was family Dinner at Gramma and Grampa Gleason's and getting ready for surgery for Day 4.
Surgery went well! She lengthened her rods to the max and next surgery may be a big one!  She rode home in style with her Oakleys with the window down only 2 hours post surgery! Rock. Star!

Day 5 was recovery home day but we did get out to swing and slide in our backyard :) 

Day 6 was TUMBLING (first time!!) for Charlotte! It was so much fun and I am already So happy I got her signed up! It's at our neighbors home so it is so easy to walk up with the girls! 
Then we discovered our cherry tree was coming along quite nicely and realized the birds were eating the reddest ones!! So we picked some early and they were soooo good still! 
Charlotte and Presley discovered that together they can open the gate!!!

"Hop on Charlotte, I will raise my chair....good....okay now lift the handle and open the gate so we can run away!!!" 


Okay I need a lock :) 
Day 7 and we decided to FLY A
On my part of putting together and executing the launch...but we are really
Good at adapting to our circumstances so this is how we did it.......(the girls didn't know any different so I still consider it a *sort of* win!!!) 

Day 8!!!! 
Let's roller skate!!
(That rhymed!) 

So we were going to do the usual: Presley on speed 4 cruising and doing her speed thang and pcharlotte scootibg on her scooter....but last minute we decided to rent skates for both girls (and of course I brought my *blades* from the 90's and we ROCKED THAT RINK!!!! Presley was BEAMING that she was really skating with everyone else!!!!!! Best day!!!!! 

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  1. I'm always happy to see how Presley and Charlotte are doing (Nate's grandma here!) These little smardypants bring so much joy.